Working With Unix

A quick tutorial on the basics of unix with examples and exercises.
UNIX structure
UNIX shell, prompt, command line, changing passwords, logging on/off, and using on-line documentations. (ch 1)
Files and Directories.
Relationship between files and directories, Directory Structure, Pathnames, Listing Directories, Concatenation, Paging, and Removing. (ch 2)
Manipulating Files and Directories.
Filenames, Creating Directories, Changing Directories, Copying Files, Moving Files, Linking Files, Searching Files, and Removing directories. (ch 3)
File Commands.
Word Counting, Heading a File, Tailing a File, Sorting a File, and File Permissions. (ch 4)
Redirection and Pipes
Redirection, and Pipes. (ch 5)
Command Line Editing, Alias, and Jobs
History, Rerunning a Previous Command, Editing a Previous Command, Aliasing Commands, Job Handling, Processes, and Killing. (ch 6)
Csh Environment and Scripts
Shell Variables, Environmental Variables, Shell Scripting, and Special Files. (ch 7)
Sample files
Sample files from examples (appendix)

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