DefCon 18: WAS JSP

Version 1.0.0

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EAR for demo application.
When deploying, make sure to enable Deploy Web services or WS4JEE will not work.
Exploit for Apache Axis 1
Usage: java -jar exploit-1.0.0.jar ctx-root-url relative-path-to-axis1 command-to-run [command-arguments...]
Tool to display UTF-8 decoding for a JVM.
Usage: java -jar unicode-1.0.0.jar
You will want to run this through a pager (more) or redirect the output to a file.
Sources for demo application, exploit and unicode tool. You will need Maven and a JDK to build it.
WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Web Site
Time bombed trial available from here
WAS Fixes by version
Where to get updates for WAS